Flinders Masterplan


Matthew Flinders Anglican College is investing more than $30 million as part of its Flinders Master Plan to provide new agile, contemporary learning spaces for its 1,300 students from Prep to Year 12.

Commenced in 2019, with the aim for completion by 2024, the new College spaces include an innovative Year 7 Precinct, which opened in August 2020; and a new Years 5 and 6 Precinct, opened in January, 2021.

Principal Stuart Meade said Flinders had a 15-year Master Plan for the future that would ensure the College continued to strive for excellence and provide high quality, functional, expertly designed facilities to support effective teaching and learning.

“Matthew Flinders Anglican College was founded in 1990 and has proudly grown to become one of the leading academic schools in Australia within 30 years,” Stuart said.

“Our goal is to build on our College’s reputation for academic excellence whilst maintaining a clear focus on the wellbeing and potential of each child,” he said.

“To achieve this goal, it is vital that we provide flexible and versatile learning spaces, equipped with modern technology, that enable our students to learn 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration and innovation.

“The new style of agile classroom is designed with movable furniture and walls, and equipped with intuitive digital technology to encourage students and teachers to move, interact and collaborate as they engage in different pedagogical styles and work on different tasks.

“The beauty of agile learning spaces is that students understand the flexibility of the space requires from them a more active and engaged approach to interactive, personalised and hands-on learning.

“Our experience with students in these modern classrooms is that they step up to the challenge and develop a new mindset where they are active and ready to spontaneously engage in group work, team building, problem solving and other ‘flipped’ learning activities.

“In terms of aesthetics in design, the new Flinders buildings will be light-filled, aspirational and modern spaces that will be a pleasure to teach and learn in.

“As we plan for the future, we are determined to ensure that Flinders continues to grow as a learning community with a focus on providing excellence in education for learning and life.”

Principal Stuart Meade noted that Flinders parents, students and teachers will be kept informed and up-to-date with construction works on the 22-hectare College campus.

Mr Meade noted the Masterplan will not increase the size of the College campus but rather improve and enhance the facilities within the existing campus boundary.

Parents and students are invited to visit the dedicated Master Plan page on the MyFlinders portal for more detailed information about the construction plans, including exclusion zones and alternative pathways for movement around the campus.  

To read more about the new Year 7 Precinct, please visit our News page. 

Flinders Masterplan Project Timeline 2019-2024 (subject to adjustment)

New Build projects, planned to be completed within the next five years, include:

  • Years 5 and 6 Precinct (opened Term 1, 2021)

Refurbishment projects, planned to be completed within the next five years, include:

  • Year 7 Precinct (Opened in August 2020 – read more)
  • Primary School Wonderarium learning centre (library currently relocated to temporary accommodation)
  • Secondary Administration Centre
  • Secondary Library/ Resource Hub
  • Secondary English Faculty

Masterplan Building Updates | November 2020

Masterplan Map

Flinders Masterplan Map