The Infinity Centre: A Launchpad for Thinkers, Creators and Problem Solvers

Infinity Centre at Matthew Flinders Anglican College

“The Infinity Centre is not just a place of learning; it's a launchpad for the next generation of thinkers, creators and problem solvers.”

That’s the way STEM Punks’ Head of Education, Chris Buswell described the new masterplanned facility at Matthew Flinders Anglican College when he visited in Term 1 of 2024.  

STEM Punks are a passionate team of educators and innovators on a mission to inspire a positive change in STEM education across the globe.

Flinders’ Head of Technologies, Mrs Natalle Sutton guided Chris on a tour of the Infinity Centre along with entrepreneur Tim Kelly of the not-for-profit Manufacturing Excellence Forum.

The MEF formed a partnership with Flinders in 2023 to expose students to diverse industries, from aerospace and engineering to textiles, fashion, food, construction, medical supplies, industrial machinery and maritime technologies, to name just a few.

During the tour, Chris said he was impressed by the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of the Infinity Centre and its focus on supporting collaboration and connection. 

“The Infinity Centre is spacious and bathed in natural light, making it a place where the walls seem to dissolve, creating a seamless flow and access between different disciplines,” Chris said. 

“The facility also caters to the complete Design Thinking process, from gaining knowledge mastery to identifying problems and producing solutions," he said.

“Students have access to a diverse range of materials, media and technical approaches, fostering a rich environment for innovation.

“The Infinity Centre also fosters a connectedness of skills and knowledge with areas dedicated to student pitching, media production and presentations. It's a space where ideas meet execution, and creativity meets technology.

“The future students who pass through these doors will be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow, and they will walk out into the world with industry-ready skill sets. 

“It is also incredible to see the partnership Flinders has formed with the absolute gun Tim Kelly at the Manufacturing Excellence Forum, further enhancing the industry standard capabilities of the space.”

The Infinity Centre enables Secondary School students from Years 7-12 students to work flexibly across a range of disciplines including Design and Technologies, Visual Art, Digital Technologies and Business. 

Learn more about the Infinity Centre here.

Feature image supplied by STEM Punks - L-R Tim Kelly, Chris Buswell, Natalle Sutton, George Saleh

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