The Year 5 Switch: The benefits of changing schools in Senior Primary

Published in Kids on the Coast Magazine, January 2021:

When it comes to transitioning schools, most families believe the best time to make the move is at an education milestone: Prep, Year 1, Year 7, Year 10.

After all, switching schools part-way through primary or secondary is thought to be a stressful experience.

However, recognising that Year 5 is a pivotal year for students joining the College, Matthew Flinders Anglican College is turning that belief around, creating a warm and innovative Year 5 transition program that is making the mid-primary switch a refreshingly positive one for families.

“One of our major intakes now is actually Year 5,” says Trudi Edwards, Head of Primary at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. “Students adapt very well at this age. Year 5 students embrace the ‘adventure’ of new offerings, particularly with our co-curricular programs. This attitude often results in our students finding a new talent or interest.”

“Most importantly, students coming to Flinders in Year 5 have the distinct advantage of knowing the Flinders Way, embracing the Flinders Learner Traits and being known and connected, with a strong sense of community, and this enables them to embrace all that the College has to offer before moving to secondary school.

Our teaching and learning programs prepare students for secondary school in a very intentional way, so that they can thrive and feel confident in their first year of secondary school and beyond.”

“Also, these two years of learning in the Primary School means our students are growing in a culture of high expectations and one that focuses on developing both positive dispositions for learning and the character traits required to excel in life beyond school. The new routines and expectations of secondary school are easily adopted by our students on the basis of strong friendship and a known culture.”

To provide students with a sense of belonging and connectedness, Flinders introduced a broad range of orientation and transition processes.

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