You're invited to The Little Mermaid Jr!

The Little Mermaid JR at Flinders

The Year 6 Musical Production of The Little Mermaid Jr at Matthew Flinders Anglican College is on from 21-22 July over three shows, and tickets are on sale now!

The annual production is a positive and rewarding journey that involves every student in Year 6.

The intensive six-month production journey encourages every child to find their talents, step beyond their comfort zone, and build confidence and skills.

It also enables the students to build strong bonds in their final year of Primary School before transitioning together to Flinders Secondary School in Year 7. 

At a recent rehearsal, Head of Primary Music, Mrs Lenora Phillips asked the Year 6s their views on the experience so far. Here are some ideas and reflections the students were keen to share.  

What is special about The Little Mermaid Jr.? Why do you think audiences will enjoy this show? 

  • We have never done The Little Mermaid before at Flinders!
  • There are so many loveable quirky characters, like Scuttle, Sebastian and Flounder.
  • There are beloved songs Like 'Under the Sea' and 'Part of Your World'.
  • This show involves all of us in Year 6 - about 100 students!
  • The Little Mermaid is a time-tested and beloved family-friendly story.
  • It will be visually spectacular with lots of sparkly costumes.
  • The story is funny!
  • It will appeal to all ages because it tells a story that both children and adults will enjoy.

How are you, as students, proving that you are embracing the process?

  • We are enthusiastically rehearsing at lunchtimes and in class.
  • We are getting better at performing in front of audiences as we prepare for the big show. For example, we have performed for people who are touring the school and also at school assembly.
  • Together, we are innovating and brainstorming entertaining ways to block scenes and choreograph movement.
  • We are all helping with the design of scenes, sets, costumes and props.
  • We are working together as a team for a common goal. 

What are you learning along the way about music and also about yourselves? 

  • I’m learning that performing in a musical is great fun!
  • That it is ok to step out of my comfort zone by singing, dancing, speaking and acting on stage, even if it’s something I haven’t done before.
  • I’m learning about being responsible to learn my part so that I don't let the team down.
  • The musical gives us an opportunity to discover and show off our talents. I am feeling more confident to perform in front of an audience.

Who do we need to thank for volunteering their time to support this production? 

So many people! Thank you to our Year 6 parents, grandparents, friends and teaching staff at Flinders!  

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