Flinders Graduates Awarded for Excellence

Once our students graduate from Flinders in Year 12, they remain part of our College community as alumni, our Old Flinderians. We enjoy hearing of their next adventures, with many securing tertiary places in their chosen courses. Congratulations to the following graduates studying at The University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology who have achieved awards recently for their hard work and dedication. 

 The Women’s College: 

Portsea Turton (Class of 2018) awarded an Academic Prize 

Madeline Kennedy (Class of 2018) awarded the Principal's Prize 

Jaime Bretherton (Class of 2018) awarded The Women's College Standing Committee Prize

The following students were noted for a GPA of 6.5 or above in 2020:

Jaime Bretherton (Class of 2018)

Kelsey Bretherton (Class of 2019)

Kiara Fourie (Class of 2019)

Portsea Turton (Class of 2018)

St John’s College

The following Flinders graduates received awards at St John’s College’s Academic and Professional Dinner held last week. 

Nicole Holland (Class of 2017), pictured above, - awarded the Dux of St John’s College, UQ, 2020. Nicole is studying Advanced Finance and Economics.

Piers Herring (Class of 2018)  - awarded the Academic Excellence Prize in Business, Economics, and Law. Piers is also Treasurer of the student club.

Zennjo Searle (Class of 2019) - awarded the Warden's Medal for Academic Achievement.

The following students were noted for a GPA of 6.5 or above in 2020:

Campbell Border (Class of 2017)

Nicole Holland (Class of 2017)

Aleisha Lanthois (Class of 2018)

Christina Meligonis (Class of 2017)

Dan Nathan (Class of 2017)

Zennjo Searle (Class of 2019)

We are always excited to hear from our Old Flinderians. Please share your news with ofa@mfac.edu.au

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