Flinders Podcast Episode 3: Principal Stuart Meade with Head of Middle School, Mrs Anita Gibson

Join us for Episode 3 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

In Episode 3, Principal Stuart Meade and Head of Middle School, Mrs Anita Gibson discuss how the home learning situation is impacting our Years 7-9 students.

The conversation explores how teenagers rely on face-to-face connections with their friends and teachers; how parents can soften the effects of excessive screen time while their children are learning online; and how teenagers respect and feel safe when strong boundaries are in place to guide them.

Anita provides sound advice, encouraging students to be kind to themselves if they are struggling with the demands and challenges of managing their own remote learning schedule.

She also shares tips on how parents can prepare their children for a return to school campus, such as bringing back those early bedtimes!

Middle School from Years 7-9 is a period of transition for our students, from the Primary School environment to the Secondary School.

As a College, Flinders is aware that adolescents of this age have the need for purpose, empowerment, independence and success and as such, our Middle School practices are collaborative, outcome-based and centred on the learner.

Listen to Episode 3 here: 
• (00:40) Two of the biggest problems students in Middle School are experiencing during lockdown.
• (3:30) How to balance and soften the impact of screen time during remote learning and why we are fortunate at Flinders to be able to learn in a remote environment.
• (5:05) Why clear boundaries help to support teenagers, and the steps Flinders is taking to soften the demands on Middle School students during remote learning.
• (7:10) Advice for parents concerned about how well their child is managing their remote learning schedule.
• (9:03) How Mrs Gibson and other school leaders are available on campus to support students and families.
• (10:39) How Mrs Gibson might have coped with the challenges of a pandemic lockdown when she was 13 years old!
• (11:44) How students can manage and prepare for the imminent transition from home learning to school campus learning.
• (13:05) Why personal presentation and high uniform standards are important for enabling focus and self-confidence upon a return to school campus.
• (13:44) Why it is important for parents to monitor their child’s wellbeing during this time and how parents can support their children’s emotional wellbeing and maintain family connection.

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