Flinders Podcast Episode 4: Principal Stuart Meade with Head of Senior Primary, Mrs Ingrid

Join us for Episode 4 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

In Episode 4, Principal Stuart Meade and Head of Senior Primary, Mrs Ingrid Clarke discuss the reports from students, parents and teachers about what remote learning looks like for our Senior Primary students in Years 4-6.

Ingrid explains how teachers are working diligently and creatively to support online learning while also excitedly planning for students to return to the Primary School, hopefully on Monday, 25 May, 2020.

Stuart and Ingrid allay some of the concerns parents have for their children as a result of
 being at home since the end of Term 1.

There are questions of gaps in student learning and 
of a loss of confidence in friendships.

Ingrid also gives an update on the topic of ‘fun’ and
 how Flinders is aiming to reshape or recreate opportunities students have missed out on 
recently, such as school camps, excursions, VIP Days, leadership opportunities and, of
 course, the Year 6 Musical, Moana Jr.

Listen to the Episode 4 podcast here.
• (00:51) Some of the most common challenges for Senior Primary students during remote 
• (3:00) Why it is important for children to take the scheduled breaks in their daily learning.
• (3:48) Why parents are concerned about gaps in their child’s learning and how Flinders will
 address this challenge.
• (5:00) How Flinders Primary will assist students to transition back to school campus.
• (6:32) Why Flinders is focused on recreating or reshaping missed events and opportunities
 where possible.
• (8:55) How Ingrid Clarke and Primary Counsellor Alec Hamilton are available to help families
 or students requiring support during the return to school campus.
• (9:05) What challenges families might be experiencing where one child has returned to 
school while the other sibling/s remain at home learning. How parents can help their children
 to approach upcoming transitions with a positive attitude.
• (10:33) What routines parents can encourage to help children prepare for a return to the
 Primary School site.

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