Flinders Podcast Episode 5: Principal Stuart Meade with the College Captains

Join us for Episode 5 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

In Episode 5, Principal Stuart Meade sits down with our College Captains Holly and Harrison, and College Vice Captains Justin and Jess.

Stuart asks the leaders what it has been like for our Senior students at home during the remote learning phase.

Leadership is a major focus at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. As the College's Strategic Plan states, the aim is "for Flinders students to be effective leaders who can empower others, communicate and collaborate well, and have the capacity to make significant and ethically grounded decisions".

There are many leadership roles to strive for across the Primary School and the Secondary School, including as captains or leaders of the College, sub-schools, Houses, co-curricular clubs, sports teams, music groups and tours, and more.

In this podcast, leaders Holly, Harrison, Justin and Jess share how they each created structure in their day during the remote learning phase to avoid feeling overwhelmed and combat a lack of motivation, and what they have missed most about campus life.

They also admit their guilty snack fixes, the number of trips they made daily to the fridge, and how their attire may have taken a slide for the worse!

Stuart asks the leaders what they believe the College can learn from this remote learning experience and how school days on campus might be better structured as a result.

Thanks for joining the conversation, Captains!

Listen to the Episode 5 podcast here:
(00:43) From your perspective, what was the most enjoyable part of the remote learning experience?
(2:20) What did you find most challenging?
(3:55) How did you keep in touch with friends out of school hours?
(4:41) What do you appreciate about the school, having spent time away and now returning?
(5:51) How have you found getting back into the structures and routines now that we are all back on campus?
(6:49) What was your favourite daytime attire when learning from home?
(7:39) What was your favourite go-to fridge food? Did you find yourself grazing during the day?
(8:35) With the knowledge you have gained from being online for a few weeks, what do you believe we at Flinders could do differently to improve our learning processes?

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