Senior School – Years 10 to 12


The Senior School at Matthew Flinders Anglican College is dedicated to preparing our students for the vibrant futures that await them beyond graduation. We recognise character, contribution, academic excellence and leadership as key components of The Flinders Way, and support our students to access and embrace the resources and opportunities necessary to achieve excellence in learning and life.

Students are encouraged to fulfil their academic potential through a carefully staged curriculum with a deliberate skills focus. Year 10 serves as a pre-Senior, preparatory year where the foundations of the Senior Curriculum are laid. At this time, students are encouraged to consider their future pathways and are counselled into the senior courses that will best serve their needs and interests.

The Year 11 and 12 Curriculum is derived from the QCAA syllabus with 28 General and 2 Applied subjects available for students to select as they prepare to receive their ATAR and entry into tertiary studies. In this respect, the fine academic results of successive years of Flinders graduates speak for themselves.

A visitor to our College is quickly aware of a tangible atmosphere of encouragement and support that permeates our campus. Students and teachers alike embrace and celebrate the successes of others.

Teachers know that positive relationships are the cornerstone of great teaching. Our Senior School staff are highly trained specialists who continue to develop their skills through our College’s extensive professional learning program with access to tailored professional development opportunities and peer support.

We want Flinders graduates to be leaders of the future. The co-ordinated leadership development program that commences in the Middle School continues into the Senior School with an increasing variety of roles and responsibilities, challenging our Seniors and offering authentic opportunities to lead.

Students are encouraged to participate in our Round Square affiliation, to experience other cultures and to develop an appreciation of the challenges facing the planet. Senior students are encouraged to model servant leadership and there are enduring examples throughout our College of the positive legacies of each graduating year.

Our Senior School is dedicated to holistic education and this is evident in the extensive array of co-curricular activities in which our students participate. Our music program is renowned and our ensembles and orchestras have played to audiences at the Sydney Opera House and major venues in Europe and the US. All students are encouraged to take up a sport choosing from a selection that caters for novices, right through to nationally ranked athletes. Our co-curricular program is complemented by a range of clubs and societies such as chess and debating.

We are very proud of the achievements of Flinders graduates over the last 30 years. We are confident our Senior School equips our students with the accreditations and the personal attributes that give them the very best opportunities to learn, to lead and to serve.

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