Senior School Curriculum

Year 10

Year 10 reflects a significant time of transition from the open and experiential Middle Years curriculum to the formality and disciplinary study of the Senior Years. The Year 10 curriculum, therefore, offers a blend of courses, all grounded in the Australian Curriculum, which promote life skills and prepare students for their senior studies. Students in Year 10 should be beginning to gain a sense of their future pathways and are encouraged to select subjects that allow them to pursue their interests.

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Year 11 and 12 (Senior)

Senior consists of two years of study comprising the formative phase of Year 11 and the summative phase of Year 12. In Year 11, students work through Units 1 and 2 of Queensland Senior Syllabus subjects or Vocational Education courses, developing skills and gaining familiarity with the assessment instruments and criteria. The results achieved in Year 12 while completing Units 3 and 4, including those attained in the External Examinations, contribute to the calculation of each student's Australian Tertiary Entrance Rank (ATAR).

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Key Learning Area Progressions

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