Choosing Senior Subjects

It is important to choose your subjects carefully as your decisions may affect your future success at school and the tertiary courses and types of occupations you can choose in the future.

As an overall plan, we suggest you choose subjects:

  • that ensure you are eligible for the senior qualification you desire and the tertiary courses you are interested in
  • that you enjoy
  • in which you have previously received good results
  • which reflect your interests and abilities
  • which match your career and employment goals
  • which develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will be useful in your life.

Do some research

It is wise to find out more about the subjects that you are considering for your senior studies. Take these steps to ensure you make an informed decision;

  • Read the subject descriptions and course outlines provided on this site carefully to gain an understanding of each.
  • Use the Subject Selection tile on the Year 10 MyFlinders page or the Careers page.
  • Visit the QTAC website and search the tertiary courses you have an interest in, noting the pre-requisite subjects that they require.
  • Talk to Heads of Departments and teachers of the senior subjects you are interested in taking.
  • Listen carefully at subject selection talks.
  • Read the subject information posted on MyFlinders and view the subject selection videos.
  • Seek advice from your Homeroom Mentor or make an appointment to meet with a Careers Advisor.
  • Look at the books and course materials used in the subject.
  • Talk to students who are already studying the subject.
  • Attend University Open Days to get a better understanding of the tertiary education courses you might be interested in.

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