Senior Education Profile

Upon completion of Year 12, Queensland students receive a Senior Education Profile (SEP) from the QCAA. As part of the SEP, all students receive a Statement of Results, which is a transcript of their learning account, and eligible students also receive either a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA). Students who are not eligible for the QCE at the end of Year 12 can continue to accrue credit and will receive an updated Statement of Results and a QCE when they achieve this benchmark qualification.

Statement of Results

The Statement of Results is a transcript of a student’s learning account. This full record of study, showing all contributing subjects and the results achieved is issued, along with the QCE qualification, in December. Determination of your final ‘grades’ is the sole decision of the QCAA, and will be communicated by the QCAA after the completion of marking and confirmation of all External Assessments.

Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

The QCE is Queensland’s senior secondary schooling qualification. To be issued with a QCE, students need to complete the set amount of learning, at the set standard, in a set pattern, while meeting literacy and numeracy requirements. For most students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College, this means gaining 20 Unit credits by achieving a minimum of satisfactory (or C Grade) from QCAA-developed subjects or courses, two of which must be English and Mathematics subjects. Whilst this is the most common pathway, the QCE can also be achieved with contributions of credits from Preparatory Courses and Complementary Courses such as QCAA Short Courses, Certificate and Diploma Qualifications, and university subjects.

Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA)

The Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) recognises the achievements of students who are on individualised learning programs. To be eligible, students must have impairments or difficulties in learning. These students have the option of continuing to work towards a QCE post-secondary schooling.

Parents and students who require further details about any subject can access the complete syllabuses from the QCAA website. If you are still uncertain about your choice of subjects or pathways beyond secondary school, there are many people at the College who can offer support and advice – Homeroom Mentors, Classroom Teachers, Heads of Departments, our Career Advisors, the Head of Curriculum and Head of Senior School. Don’t be afraid to seek their assistance.

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